Warranties & Repairs

The Happiness Warranty

  • Lenses – are protected against scratches and are warrantied for a period of one or two years, dependent upon the type of Anti-Scratch coating purchased.
  • Frames – are warrantied against manufacturer’s defect for a period of one or two years, dependent upon the frame purchased.
  • Platinum Packages – provide more than just a price discount on bundled coatings, but also provide a two-year warranty on product – the peace of mind of knowing that you have no worries until it is time to purchase your glasses next time.
  • Replacements – our warranty offers a one time replacement

In all instances, we try to take liberties with our suppliers wherever we can – we call in favours on behalf of our customers, to extend warranties and render them more flexible. No promises, but we will certainly go to bat for you.

Exchanges & Returns Policy

In the spirit of creating happy customers, it is our preference (and willingness) to deal with buyer’s remorse by re-styling our customers into a product you prefer. To this end, we offer a one-month satisfaction policy, recognizing that sometimes you can pick a frame that you fall out of love with, after wearing it for a while. Because Rx lenses are like snowflakes (no two prescriptions are the same), we charge a nominal re-stocking fee on the lenses that we have to re-make to fit a new frame choice in an exchange.

Returns, however unfortunate, are sometimes unavoidable, and our practice is as liberal as anyone’s in the industry.

We deal with every customer individually, and by extension, all returns, exchanges and warranties on a case-by-case basis, because customers deserve it and because there are sometimes mitigating circumstances. Take comfort in knowing, that we have not encountered programs in our industry that we consider to be more customer friendly, than ours.

Online Purchase Support Package

We don’t condone it, but people do buy their eyeglasses online and have difficulty with their purchases after the fact. You may have decided not to shop with us but we're still happy to provide support after the fact.  We have Online Support Packages available in our stores, we adjust, clean, fix, measure and just about anything that you need us to do.